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Should Women Wear Head Coverings?

For our church’s question-and-answer time, I was asked about the head coverings the apostle Paul speaks of in 1 Corinthians 11:1-16. I answered the question in church, but I feel like the Lord wants me to also devote a blog … Continue reading

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“Let Me Tell You About My Better Half…”

In volume 4 of his commentary set on Romans, the noted preacher Donald Barnhouse tells the following story. “A man I knew through my ministry was going with a girl who, some of us thought, was not at all worthy … Continue reading

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What Does the Bible Teach About Divorce & Remarriage?

“Marriage” series: (post #8) Any series on marriage would be lacking if it didn’t address the issue of divorce and remarriage. For one thing, it would pass over an entire category of marriages, a category that has become commonplace in our society. For … Continue reading

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What About Communication in Marriage?

“Marriage” series: (post #7) It’s been said that problems in a marriage don’t become catastrophic until the couple can’t talk about them. It’s also been said that the most frightening sound in marriage is silence. The Bible certainly gives us … Continue reading

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What is the Wife’s Role in a Marriage?

“Marriage” series: (post #5) The wife’s role in a marriage simply cannot be understood Biblically without the use of that politically incorrect word “submission.” As I noted in my previous post, both the Old Testament and the New Testament teach that the … Continue reading

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